Connection Church’s Young Adults would like to SERVE the elderly and immunosuppressed in our church, The Church, and our community.

  • To the best of our ability with our time and resources, we will grocery shop, pick up prescriptions, and help with other public errands. 
  • We also recognize that this is a time where homecare workers are stretched thin. If your caregiver does not show up, an experienced care provider will help pick up slack. This is a community effort to not only protect the vulnerable, but to also be the hands and feet of Jesus to spread an attitude of love and peace not fear and timidity. 
  • Prayer and encouragement. We want to pray for and encourage you! 


  • We also don’t want to get sick, we ask that those who sign up also respect our health and take part in a community effort to practice good hygiene. We’re definitely doing the same for you.
  • We work full-time jobs and have families of our own. Please be respectful and plan ahead on errands as much as possible. This will help us and the many others we hope to serve! 

The situation is changing rapidly, therefore we are keeping a close eye on updated health information so that we can keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please fill in your contact information and send the submittal form and you will be connected as soon as possible.